Andrea Cottrell

Testimonial from Andrea Cottrell

I am writing this letter on behalf of my sincere gratitude for Five Star Restoration Services. On Thursday night, there was a flood in my one bedroom apartment caused by a fire in my neighbor’s house. There was an extraordinary amount of water in my home, and I had no idea what steps to take to remedy my situation. From the moment Brenda called me from Five Star Restoration, she put me at ease. Brenda explained the direction we would take next, and had her team of angels to my rescue within a couple of hours!

Joshua, Jessica and their team were phenomenal. They were cautious of my possessions, knew what to remove, and what I was able to keep. They seemed genuinely concerned with what would be best for me, and were speedy in getting my possessions packed, and subsequently moved. Their thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed by me, I was lucky to have them there to help me.

I would recommend Five Start Restoration to anyone in the same situation as myself. They were fast, efficient, caring, and hardworking. I felt very comfortable knowing they were in charge of my possessions. After unpacking all of my valuables, it was obvious that extreme care was taken as everything was in the same condition as when I left it. Joshua and his team are top notch, and I am beyond grateful for the attention they gave to me.

– Andrea Cottrell