Fire & Smoke

When fire strikes, reconstruction is only part of the process.

A key to a cost effective restoration project is being able to determine whether items are recoverable or if they need to be replaced. We employ state-of-the-art recovery techniques for structure as well as contents. Our experienced staff assesses, inventories and safely transports the contents to our 10,000 square foot off-site storage and recovery facility. Our goal is to get you back into your home or office as quickly as possible. Experienced project managers and skilled craftsmen in every trade ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Subsequent to a fire, the damage caused by smoke is a blight to your property. We specialize in chemical remediation processes that can remove the stains and ensure that the damage will not be permanently embedded in your structure.

  • Structural cleaning
  • Content cleaning
  • Ozone deodorization
  • Thermal fogging
  • Duct and HVAC cleaning