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Mold Removal & Remediation Services in Fairfield, CA

After the mold removal process is complete, mold cleanup and mold remediation can begin. Once the main colony of mold is officially dead, spores can still become airborne and cause a multitude of health issues. Our proper cleanup relies on our professional equipment to ensure that any airborne spores are quickly eradicated for your Fairfield property. Our remediation process involves coating formerly infected surfaces with a material that mold cannot grow on. When we are done with your Fairfield property will inhospitable to mold.

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Understanding the Mold in Your Fairfield Building

As an experienced mold removal company, we know that mold is present almost everywhere in Fairfield and thrives on moisture. As the mold grows it releases microscopic spores, those are what can cause health issues. These spores come into your house through doors, windows, pets, or shoes and can be distributed by your HVAC system. Certain molds are partial to certain areas and materials, which means removal must be catered to specific species. For instance, black mold removal centers around drywall since that is where it thrives the most in Fairfield.

Misconceptions of Mold in Fairfield

Mold cleanup is not a DIY job. Spores can get released while the mold is being extracted. Those spores can cause long-lasting or even permanent health issues. Even when mold is dead, it remains unsafe. Dead mold can still release spores; therefore, it must be completely removed from an area to become safe. Additionally, mold is surrounded by misinformation. Black mold is comprised of over 2,000 species of mold, which means black mold removal in Fairfield doesn’t just require one method of removal.

Mold Removal from Your Fairfield Building

Our mold removal company in Fairfield will completely remove the mold from your house safely. Even in a dead state, spores can be released and start a new patch of mold or cause health issues if someone were to inhale them. Our final step of mold remediation involves coatings the surfaces where mold was growing with a spray that mold cannot grow upon. We also run one last inspection—testing your Fairfield property to ensure that remediation was successful.



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