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Rely on Five Star Restoration for Fire Damage Cleanup

The team at Five Star Restoration understands the importance of your home and business to your daily life. We live and work alongside our customers in Sacramento and Solano County. Knowing where to go and how to handle the aftermath can be confusing when disaster strikes. We’ve created a list of some of the most asked questions regarding the following steps, our services, and how to address them moving forward. If, after reading this list, you have any additional questions regarding our services or restorations, or you want to book our services, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives. We’ll help you get back on track.

Answering Your Fire & Smoke Restoration FAQs

If you need smoke damage or fire damage restorations, rely on our team of highly-trained professionals utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Whenever fire strikes, we’re here to help. It’s understandable that after an emergency, you may have some questions. This is a list of some of the most common questions we receive regarding our restoration services:

It’s best to avoid going back into your home until you are told it’s safe to enter the fire department. They’ll check the structural safety while removing smoke to avoid health complications. Once they’ve given the okay, entering and searching for your belongings is okay.

We always recommend using a professional cleaning time to handle smoke and fire damage. Our team has specialized equipment to avoid smoke inhalation while removing any soot and residue from walls and surfaces. We’ll be able to help prevent future health complications while removing the smoke smell.

With fire, the biggest concern once you are safe is the structural integrity of your home. Following that, a big concern is smoke inhalation through smoke residue, which creates lingering toxic fumes.

If you could grab anything as you evacuated, it’s best to keep important documents with you. After the home has been determined safe to enter by the fire department, we recommend looking for important documents such as driver’s licenses, social security cards, and more.

The owner of the home or business is responsible for paying for our restoration services. We recommend contacting your insurance company following the incident for available coverage options.

If asked, we will talk to them.

Multiple items can survive, and most of them can be returned to normal after a thorough cleaning. We can transport the item for a more intense cleaning to our holding facility if needed.

Absolutely, we have the training and tools to remove any smoke damage or residue to ensure a clean-smelling home following a disaster.

There are several signs to know if you have smoke damage. Some of the more obvious ones are dirty or damaged walls or ceilings or if you notice a strong odor of smoke from furniture and drapes. Our team can conduct an inspection to help identify areas of concern.

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Water Damage FAQs

Water damage following a bad storm or flood can cause severe complications. Our certified and licensed professionals are trained to handle any water damage cleanup or removal jobs quickly and efficiently. Here are the most asked questions regarding water damage restoration:

This is the outline we follow for each job. We’ll remove any standing water and assess any damage left behind. We’ll determine what can and cannot be salvaged and what needs to be removed and then start to dry the area. Our goal is to stay ahead of mold growth while minimizing potential damage.

The timeline depends on several factors, such as the amount of water and the severity of the damage. When we inspect the area, we’ll provide an estimated timeline, but if things change, we’ll update you immediately.

Yes! Our team comprises licensed and certified technicians who continually train to remain up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

The cost varies based on the type and extent of the water damage. We’ll be able to provide a more specific estimate after we assess your home or business.

There are three types of water damage, clean water, grey water, and black water. Clean water is usually associated with broken pipes and is less severe and easier to clean. Grey water, such as water from sump pump complications, may contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. This makes cleaning and disinfecting essential. Black water is the most severe and requires immediate action to prevent health concerns. It usually comes from flood water and may include sewage.

If you notice any dark or wet spots or crackling, bubbling, or flaking of paint, it’s usually a sign of water damage. It can even include puddles or the sound of running water and be accompanied by a damp or musty smell.

Always check for water damage and contact a professional such as a plumber, to perform an inspection. They’ll be able to identify the leak and the cause. Once they’ve corrected the issue, contact our team to ensure your home remains safe.

We’ll remove any standing water present in your home or business. Once the water is out, we’ll inspect and assess the damage and determine what can and cannot be salvaged. We’ll start to dry, clean, and sanitize each affected area.

The cost of our water damage restoration services depends on the type of water and the extent of the damage. After an inspection, we’ll be able to give a more accurate estimate.

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Mold Restoration FAQs

If you have mold in your home, you’ll need a professional and experienced team to identify and treat the source to avoid health concerns quickly. We offer mold restoration services and can provide solutions to prevent mold from returning. These are the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding mold restoration:

Mold can start to grow and spread as quickly as 24 hours. It’s a severe health concern, and it’s crucial to remain on top of any infection and call a professional team for treatment as soon as possible.

It’s the process we use to treat, remove, and eliminate mold and any area. Our services will sanitize the area while removing any health concerns from the air.

It can resemble dark gray, green, or even black blotches on surfaces. Mold will likely have a raised, textured look and typically has a mildew-like odor.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast timeline. It depends on the mold infestation and is handled case-by-case.

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Take Advantage of Our Fire Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, having the correct answers can help alleviate some anxiety and fears. You’ll need a responsive, transparent, and effective restoration company with decades of experience helping customers throughout Sacramento, CA. Five Star Restoration has the skill required to quickly identify and correct the issue, allowing you to regain your home or business. Our team works hard to provide you with quality services, as we understand that failure to act can result in more extensive projects and complications. If you have any additional questions or need our restoration services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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