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Residential Mold Removal & Remediation in Fairfield, CA

Finding mold in a house is not what any homeowner wants. But our Fairfield mold removal experts will first assess the type of mold and the extent of the damage it has caused. Then we destroy it. We then switch to home mold remediation—taking steps to ensure that your home in Fairfield is inhospitable for future mold infestations. We provide a final test using particulate sensors so that we are positive the residential mold remediation process is complete.

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When Mold Becomes a Problem in Your Home

Mold exists everywhere in the environment and becomes only a problem indoors if they find a damp spot and start invading. If you need home mold removal in Fairfield, we are a reliable option. Mold can produce allergens, irritants and—in the worst-case scenario—potentially toxic mycotoxins. Mold’s role in a natural environment is to break down and digest materials—in a home this becomes your walls and structures. Residential mold remediation must start quickly before the mold can start breaking down parts of your Fairfield building. The longer it is left, the more damage it can cause.

We Assess the Situation Before Mold Removal in Fairfield

When you find mold in your house, our Fairfield experts are ready to handle the removal from your home. But before we start, we must first conduct an assessment so that we know exactly which species of mold we are dealing with in your home. We use various techniques like patting surfaces with tape as well as air particulate sensors to assess your home. We document our findings and carry out the same process afterward—demonstrating the success of our residential mold remediation processes in Fairfield.

Remediation of Mold in Fairfield Houses

Home mold removal in Fairfield would be fruitless if there was no remediation follow-up. The source of moisture allowing the mold to thrive must be stopped, and your home’s surfaces must be made unwelcoming to any future mold infestations. Our mold removal experts in Fairfield will scrub and disinfect all porous surfaces before coating them with a treatment that prevents mold growth. After we have finished, we follow up with further particulate readings to ensure the mold has been remediated.



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