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Mold Testing & Inspection in Fairfield, CA

Any successful mold removal in Fairfield begins with a mold inspection. To ensure that we are going to target the right mold (or molds), our company provides both regular and black mold testing in Fairfield. Our technicians are trained to know exactly where molds might be hiding and correctly identify them. Since certain molds are more susceptible to specific treatments, our mold testing will guarantee that the removal approach we use targets the molds present in your Fairfield building.

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Mold Inspection Experts in Fairfield Who Know How and Where to Test

We start our mold inspection and testing with an in-depth visual inspection of any areas susceptible to mold growth in Fairfield. If there was a water event, we will check everywhere that might have been affected by the moisture. If you have damp drywall, we will even perform black mold testing. Our Fairfield technicians take air samples, wall cavity air samples, surface samples from materials like drywall and insulation, as well as tape lifting and swabbing of any surfaces that might host mold spores.

Fairfield Mold Testing Experts Who Present Recommendations

After the initial mold inspection and testing of your Fairfield building, we compile our findings and offer our recommendations for remediation. We will tell you exactly how we plan to go after the mold in your building and answer any questions. We can disclose what might have caused the mold problem and the types of mold that we found present, so you are never in the dark. You can trust that our mold inspections will be thorough and yield the results you need to have a mold-free property in Fairfield.

Mold Inspection and Testing to End the Process

When our professional mold remediators are certain that they have removed all the mold that showed up in the initial tests, we don’t just walk away from your Fairfield property. We perform a final mold test and inspections—which includes black mold testing. Our particulate sensors will pick up any airborne mold spores that may be left inside your building. This service is our way of ensuring that we got rid of every bit of mold; that is how we know the job was completed properly.



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