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Sewage Cleanup Services: Residential & Commercial Sewage Removal in Fairfield, CA

Sewage backups can be one of the most inconvenient incidents to happen to your Fairfield home or office. They are troublesome to your property, creating health problems to your personal health and your home’s structural well-being. At Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc., we specialize in sewage cleanup services across the Fairfield area. Sewage cleanup can require a lot of time and effort, especially when you prolong obtaining the professional help that you need.

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We Perform Efficient Sewage Cleanup Services for Fairfield Property Owners

Besides its inconvenience, sewage cleanup can present a variety of hazardous factors. Sewage spills contain contaminants that can cause serious diseases and sanitation issues. The longer you allow chemical possessed water to sit in your Fairfield home, the higher the chances are for mold problems to be introduced. Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. is a sewage removal company that Fairfield property owners can count on to perform sewage cleanup services that return their Fairfield home or office back to a suitable living or working environment.

Fairfield’s Trusted Sewage Removal Service

Recently observing more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of Fairfield’s most experienced water and mold disaster recovery service. We work on both residential and commercial properties throughout the Fairfield area, providing top-quality sewage removal and clean-up services. Our sewage removal company is comprised of licensed professionals that offers Fairfield customers peace of mind whenever disaster strikes. Regardless of the size, we will take care of a job from start to finish, ensuring an efficient and safe recovery.

Cleaning Your Fairfield Property’s Sewage Backup

At Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc., our professionals utilize grade A equipment in order to extract sewage and water from your pipes. Once the affected areas and materials inside your Fairfield property have been disinfected and dried, we’ll move on to the reconstruction phase — which will be the start to getting your Fairfield home or office back to normal. Depending on whether or not your sewage backup has caused cosmetic damage, our team of professionals will repair any stains or discoloration done to your walls, ceilings, carpeting and flooring.



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