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Residential Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Fairfield, CA

Water damage is a headache for anyone who goes through it, especially when it’s in your Fairfield home. Our residential water damage restoration at Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. will prevent further damage from happening and make sure your personal property is secure. We even work with your insurance company to process the claim with correct information to keep your costs low during your home water damage repair. Let our friendly technicians give you hassle-free home water damage clean up in Fairfield.

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Residential Water Damage Restoration in Fairfield

Everything from rain, leaky pipes or a broken appliance can turn into a full-blown flood quicker than you think. We provide emergency service whenever a disaster happens. You shouldn’t wait for water damage restoration, so choose a Fairfield company that provides quick service. Night or day, our skilled technicians will act fast to get your home dry and free of water. We’ll do your carpets as well, and repair any damage after they dry. Hire technicians in Fairfield that can be there when water damage threatens your home.

A Respected Fairfield Company Assisting With Water Damage

Fairfield homeowners have been coming to us since 1989 for top-notch home water damage repair for good reason. Our technicians are certified with some of the biggest associations in the industry, have the knowledge and skills to deliver the services you need when dealing with home water damage clean up. Our team at Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. has also been recognized as a top 500 company since 2009 by “Qualified Remodeler” magazine.

Restoring Fairfield Properties With Home Water Damage

There are a range of complications that come with water damage, but we’ll stop them from causing more harm to your home in Fairfield. We will remove and dry your personal property before safely storing items while repairs are performed to prevent more damage from occurring. Our technicians in Fairfield also thoroughly inspect your property for toxic mold and provide remediation as a part of our home water damage restoration. If your damage is related to a sewer backup, we’ll address any bacteria for your safety.



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Serious damage requires professional repair. When Fairfield homeowners need to hire for repair work, they want the damage to be addressed properly. We are a home water damage restoration company that delivers unparalleled restoration services that return your building to normal in no time and with little impact on you. Understanding, assessing, and carrying out the restoration of properties correctly and on schedule is our specialty. Consider calling us to find out more about our water damage restoration services in Fairfield. Save yourself a headache and reach out to Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. for help today!