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Water Extraction & Removal Services in Fairfield, CA

Dealing with water following an incident or disaster is important. Excess moisture can affect your property’s structure as water causes the wood to rot and increase the likelihood of toxic mold if you don’t have it removed quickly. At Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc., we are one of Fairfield’s top water extraction companies. Our technicians specialize in water extraction to stop it from spreading throughout your property and prevent permanent damage to the structure and contents inside. Make sure water damage doesn’t become an even larger headache, call our Fairfield technicians today.

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Top-Notch Water Extraction in Fairfield

Comprehensive water removal is vital to any restoration project as the continued presence of moisture allows damage to keep moving throughout your property, leading to more costly repairs. Our certified technicians promptly extract all of the water from your structure, including walls and carpets, while working with your insurance to make sure you’re covered. Get the water removal service you need in Fairfield and feel better knowing that water won’t continue to harm your property.

Efficient Moisture Removal for Your Fairfield Property

We use a variety of dependable equipment and modern techniques to extract moisture from your Fairfield business or home. Our extractions and pump outs are also done to industry standards, backed by our years of experience and certification from respected organizations like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration, or IICRC. You get desiccant, a substance to promote drying and LGR de-humidification with our water removal service as well, so no unwanted water is left in your Fairfield property.

Fairfield’s Premier Water Extraction Company

Water can be tricky to remove on your own. It may seem like all of it is gone, but without professional water removal, it’s difficult to get rid of all of it. When moisture remains, it can permanently affect your Fairfield properties structure and encourage mold growth. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a small leak or a full-blown sewage disaster, we’ll make sure you get some of the finest moisture removal services in Fairfield, which include mold and sewage remediation.



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Serious damage requires professional repair. When Fairfield building owners need to hire for repair work, they want the damage to be addressed properly. We are an extraction company that delivers unparalleled restoration services that return your building to normal in no time and with little impact on you. Understanding, assessing, and carrying out the restoration of properties correctly and on schedule is our specialty. Consider calling us to find out more about our complete restoration services in Fairfield. Save yourself a headache and reach out to Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. for help today!