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Flood & Water Damage Restoration: Residential & Commercial Water Removal & Flood Cleanup in Rancho Cordova, CA

Flooding in your Rancho Cordova commercial building or home can inflict mass amounts of damage to your personal belongings. Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, busted pipe, or some other cause, the effects can be irreversible if not addressed quickly. If your property ever suffers from flood damage, don’t hesitate to call Five Star Restoration & Construction, a trustworthy water restoration company in Rancho Cordova. We understand water damage restoration better than most and will work to return your home back to its fully operational state.

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Mitigating Flood Damage in Rancho Cordova

The water restoration process begins with drying out all the inflicted areas. Before our team can go any further, the property needs to be completely dry or else the structural integrity of the damaged areas may be in jeopardy. We use state-of-the-art drying equipment and techniques to make sure the job is done in an effective manner. Don’t hesitate to call our team the moment your Rancho Cordova property suffers from water damage, every second you hesitate increases the chance of permanent damage.

Water Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust in Rancho Cordova

At Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc., we hire individuals who are driven, honest, and clean-cut. We make it a point to earn your trust from the moment we enter your Rancho Cordova property, so you feel comfortable leaving your belongings in our hands. Despite having more than 30 years of experience in the water restoration industry, we are constantly staying up to date on industry trends and equipment to ensure you’re getting the most modern, effective results.

Water Damage Restoration in Rancho Cordova Available 24/7

No matter what time of day you need water damage restoration services, we are one phone call away from showing up at your Rancho Cordova property. It can be hard to predict when a pipe will burst or when a basement will flood, in fact, it often happens at the most inconvenient times. You don’t get to choose when your property suffers from flood damage, which is why we don’t operate on “normal” business hours. Call us for a water restoration company that’s willing to get the job done regardless of the time.



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Serious damage requires professional repair. When building owners need to hire for repair work, they want the damage to be addressed properly. We are a restoration company that delivers unparalleled restoration services that return your building to normal in no time, with little impact on you. Understanding, assessing, and carrying out the restoration of properties correctly and on schedule is our specialty. Consider calling us to find out more about our complete restoration services in Rancho Cordova. Save yourself a headache and reach out to Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. for help today!