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Water Damage Restoration, Repair & Cleanup in Sacramento, CA

If floodwater damages your property, we advise you to act fast and contact a water damage expert. In Sacramento, Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. has over three decades of quality water damage restoration experience. We serve the Sacramento area with pride and precision and promise that our thorough water restoration services can repair any damage. Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. consistently ranks among the top water damage restoration companies in Northern California, so contact our Sacramento location today!

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Professional Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Sacramento

We consistently rank among the top restoration companies in Sacramento, and our restoration and water damage repair services provide quick relief to you and your property. If floodwaters have damaged your home or business and you need immediate help, Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. can here. We offer top-quality water cleanup and restoration to help your Sacramento property recover more thoroughly and quicker than if you did the work alone.

Sacramento’s Top-Tier Water Cleanup and Water Restoration

After floodwaters damage your property, you need a water damage repair and restoration team to work quickly and thoroughly to help your Sacramento property return to normalcy. Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. can help ease your stress and clean your home or business in a timely and efficient manner. We have been in the industry for over three decades, which means we have seen just about everything—we are no longer surprised by water damage and will get your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Sacramento’s Professional Water Damage Cleanup Services

Water damage may destroy the parts of your home that can easily be hidden. Rely on a trusted water damage expert to diagnosed and clean your property. At Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. in Sacramento, we offer professional water cleanup services to get your property thoroughly cleaned, restructured, and repaired. We offer water damage cleanup services to both commercial and residential properties. When a water-related disaster strikes your Sacramento home or business, Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. is here to help.



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Serious damage requires professional repair. When building owners need to hire for repair work, they want the damage to be addressed properly. We are a restoration company that delivers unparalleled restoration services to get your building back to normal in no time and with little impact on you. Understanding, assessing and carrying out the restoration of properties correctly and on schedule is our specialty. Consider calling us in Sacramento to find out more about our complete restoration services. Save yourself a headache and reach out to Five Star Restoration & Construction, Inc. for help today!